Golden Kamuy Season 4 Renewal Confirmed: Season 3 Ending Explained

Golden Kamui seasons has always been very great to watch. The audience loved them very much but today we are going to see that if it is going to return with a new season or not?

Is the renewal confirmed?

The Anime ” Golden Kamuy is very much famous among the audience. It is not confirmed that the series is renewed for a new season because there is no official announcement regarding this but there are some changes as it is high on demand right now and fans are waiting for such great news to be announced.

It is a very much famous, though underrated anime. But it really did great in all the seasons. After premiering it may take time up to 2 years for the season to be aired, so we can say that it takes up to 2022 to be aired. Also, it may adopt some parts of the manga series for season 4.

Season 3 ending explained

This time the anime leave us in suspense because it has ended without any further knowledge and information of the coming seasons. Also, it is not fixed that the season will be renewed or not?

 Golden Kamuy Season 4 Renewal Confirmed: Season 3 Ending ExplainedSeason 3 has premiered on 5 october, 2020and 12 episodes have been aired for the same but it was ended on 21 december, 2020 without any prior information and further notice. we have seen in the season 3 that Asirpa is trying more to find about her fathers relation with the coded tatoos.

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Also, Saichi Sugimoto will try to find out Asirpa and protect her soo it will be a lot of fun and thriller to watch the 3 season of the anime. there are very positive reviews on the same from the people too.

About the whole Golden Kamuy series

The anime has first premiered in 2018 and aired for 2 seasons consistently between april and december. But after that is had made us all wait for almost 2 years for releasing the new season that is season 3 .

It is a very interesting, amazing and thrilling anime and has been rated 7.9/10 on IMDB,7.81/10 on My anime list, and 4.7 out of 5 on Crunchyroll, so we can assume from the ratings that how great the actual series is…

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