Samsung galaxy Chromebook 2 leaked, price, specs and launch date

The sequel of this year’s Galaxy Chromebook of Samsung is reportedly on the way. The image of the  Samsung galaxy Chromebook 2 has been leaked.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 leaked, price, specs and launch date

The new model

If we glance at the new model, the look is almost similar to the latest released Chromebook. The visible changes to the Chromebook 2 are the application of orange color. The color of the keyboard is neutral black.

we cannot observe any more changes in looks but the internal specs must have improved in comparison to its predecessor. The cooling issues which were present with the first model must have been resolved. Also, the battery life of the Chromebook 2 must be increased. A good look at the left side port configuration of USB-C, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and micro SD card slot.

Samsung galaxy Chromebook 2, price, specs and launch date

Price and release

January 2020 released Chromebook came with a price tag of $900 which is around Rs. 73,480, thus making it the most expensive laptop with a Chrome OS. Despite the similar looks and design, the upcoming Chromebook can hit a great number if the processor is improved and performance boosted.

Samsung has booked its slot next year for releasing the Chromebook 2.

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