Kylie Jenner getting HARASSED by ‘Fur Activist’ over Fur Coat, while Exiting Moncler in Bev Hills

The animal rights activists and protestors slammed the popular internet personality, Kylie Jenner while she was on holiday shopping. Kylie was leaving the store near Beverly Hills’s Rodeo Drive when the anti-fur protesters showed up and began screaming at her. The protestors appear towards her while she was leaving Moncler, the luxury Italian fashion brand. Activists possessed megaphones and they shouted Kylie while she was leaving the store.

This isn’t the first time that the reality TV star has received criticism for wearing fur. Kylie previously receives criticism for wearing Saks Potts’ Foxy Leather Coat along with Stassie last year. The coat contained the fur, which was made with fox-fur trim. Protesters weren’t specifically targeting Kylie on Sunday. The demonstration had originally begun somewhere else as the activists were shouting their slogans at other people in the area.

Protesters labelled her as a monster!

However, the activists did surround Kylie’s, Rolls Royce. Kylie exited the store through the back exit with her bodyguards. She was wearing a grey puffer jacket with jeans and a mask. Her one bodyguard went to the passenger seat with her while the other tired to clear the way. The driver attempted to exit the area quickly but the protesters blocked their way out. One of the protesters shouted at Kylie shaming her and labelling her as a monster.

Kylie didn’t respond to the small group of protesters as she entered the car. Her one bodyguard reportedly attempted to clear the way for the car to move ahead. Keeping Up With Kardashians actress wasn’t wearing any fur during the demonstration. But the internet personality has worn multiple times previously.

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The highest-paid celebrity on Instagram has always been at the centre of controversy.  Earlier this year, she actively involved herself in raising awareness about the death of animals caused due to Australian wildfires. However, hypocritically she wore a Louis Vuitton slippers shortly afterwards made out of animal fur — mink fur.


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