Harry Styles Had a Secret CRUSH on Jennifer Aniston: Relationship Timeline, Dating History

Harry Styles And Jennifer Aniston:

Harry Styles And Jennifer Aniston are two of the most-loved celebrities to ever exist! You’ve probably been a fan of Harry from his x-factor days and Jen is likely everyone’s childhood crush! If you haven’t seen f.r.i.e.n.d.s yet by the way, what are you doing! Go watch the show right now. As for Harry, you have to listen to his music. He is a brilliant artist and surely, he deserves the fame he has today!

So back on Ellen Degeneres, Harry openly admits that he has a crush on f.r.i.e.n.d.s star, Jennifer Aniston. The star said that Jen is one of the first celebrity crushes ever! On Ellen’s Burning Questions, he was asked: “Who’s your first crush”. To this, Harry responds with “probably Jennifer Aniston.”

Dating History

Harry Styles Had a Secret CRUSH on Jennifer Aniston: Relationship Timeline, Dating History

Jennifer Aniston and Harry Styles are not dating! They have, first of all, a huge age gap between them! Harry innocently admitted his first female crush. That’s all! He simply reveals candidly that Jennifer Aniston is the first woman he probably laid eyes on!

Of course, when Harry openly said that, news channels went berserk! They did not spare that little detail and went on to publicly announcing Harry’s innocent confession. Jennifer is happy knowing that a young handsome star sees her this way, however, a relationship between the two is highly unlikely!

We’re sure that thirsty fans of the two would love to see a relationship in action but unfortunately, that may not happen. Besides, Harry simply mentions her name on Ellen’s burning questions and this was never a proposal! I do not think Harry had any intention of dating Jen in the first place.

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Let’s leave it at a cute, harmless confession! Harry once had a crush on Jennifer Aniston and that’s all there is to this gossip!

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