Galaxy S21 Price and Benchmark Leaked: Release Date and More. Read Here to Know More!

The next Samsung flagship phone is all set to mark its breakthrough in a month’s time. This debut phone is named the Samsung Galaxy S21. The all-new line up is put upfront with Apple’s 12 line up. The rumors steam of Samsung’s flagship has caught quite a heat with overloaded features.

There is also speculation about whether the S21 will get Samsung’s newly patented ‘blade bezel’ design, which would completely cut down the bezel. There would be very thin and flat edges along with the phone.

The Overloaded Specs

Galaxy S21 Price and Benchmark Leaked: Release Date and More

The phone will be launched in three different variants. The Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, and the S21 Ultra. It is expected to be equipped with the fast performance from Qualcomm’s brand new Snapdragon 888 chip or Exynos 2100. The display size would vary from 6.2 inches to 6.8 inches respectively with a 120hz display rate. The phone would run on One UI 3.1 based on Android 11 software.

The camera exceptionally features the outstanding 10X optical zoom. With all 5000 mAh battery power, the phone has a very decent backup compared to the phones in the same range.

The S21 may get the bezel-less design. With the rough dimensions 151.7*71.287.9 mm. A 9.0mm is a pretty big camera bump. Samsung, which has been working on a ‘perfect full-screen phone’ design. The phone will offer s pen support but will not feature a holster for the stylus.

The Price

Galaxy S21 Price and Benchmark Leaked: Release Date and More

Samsung has been in highlights for high end flagship phones. The S20 was set up where a cheaper version did not kick in. As for the cost cut of the S21 model, an estimated $999 would be the starting price to this line-up.

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As for the S21 ultra and S21 plus the prices would definitely shoot higher. While another leak suggests the estimate far lower at $849 to the entry level phone. By the mid 2021 we may also see a cheaper variant as the S21e as a pocket friendly and power packed flagship.

The Release date

As per the rituals, Samsung has always revealed the Galaxy S models in earlier part of the year. But the Samsung S21 seems to be too much out of way making its presence felt in the first month itself.

The phone will land in January where 14th has been unofficially rumoured date of launch. The phone has cleared the standards of BIS and all set to hit the Indian markets.

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