Tom Cruise’s COVID-19 Rant was a ‘PUBLICITY STUNT’ Leah Remini Remarks follows Mission Impossible 7 Star’s Abusive Outburst

After becoming viral for his on-set rant and relationship rumours with co-star Hayley Atwell, Tom Cruise has yet again made the headlines this time thanks to actress Leah Remini. Leah Remini slammed Tom Cruise and mentioned that his outburst on the set of Mission Impossible was just a publicity stunt. Earlier, a leaked audio-tape emerged where the actor yelled at a production crew for breaching the coronavirus safety protocols.

The Sun reported that the 58-year-old actor yelled the production crew members using F-word for standing close to each other at a computer. Tom Cruise and the production crew were filming the upcoming seventh instalment of Mission Impossible film series at Warner Bros. Studios in Hertfordshire, UK. The celebrities from the industry including George Clooney came to his defence afterwards.

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Now, The King of Queens actress has publicly criticised Tom Cruise for his behaviour and labelled him as an abusive person. The 50-year-old actress slammed the actor in her lengthy statement that was published on The Underground Bunker, an anti-Scientology blog. She mentioned that she has also suffered Tom’s abusive behaviour at a small level and heard distressing stories from Tom’s former employees, girlfriends, and friends.

Tom Cruise is a deeply-troubled actor, Leah claims.

Remini also added that the abusive Tom is the real Tom. He doesn’t care about the families of the crew members at all. She also alleged that the audiotape was scripted and he had his Scientology assistant leak the tape. Furthermore, she mentioned that Tom thinks himself as a god in Hollywood. Tom, according to her, thinks that Hollywood cannot make films without his support.

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This isn’t the first time that Remini has criticised the Top Gun actor. Tom Cruise is an active member of the Church of Scientology, of which she is the public critic. However, she grew up as a member of the organization from her childhood. She reportedly left the Church of Scientology in 2013 and began slamming the organization. Remini previously claimed that the organization regards Tom Cruise as a deity.

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