“The Complete Edition” Of TRON Soundtrack By Daft Punk’s: Check all 9 tracks

It’s been 10 years since Daft Punk delivered TRON: Legacy, their soundtrack to the movie continuation of a similar name. Behind Random Access Memories, it was one of the last assortments of music they delivered. Presently, apparently out of the blue, they’ve gotten back with The Complete Edition to the soundtrack, including an extra 9 tracks.

Back in July in a meeting with Collider, TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski indicated unreleased music from the movie.

Listen to these Track Right here

“I can neither affirm nor reject that there might be some inconceivable music that we couldn’t fit in the movie,” he said. However, he apparently affirmed it, following it up with, “Sometimes it is ideal to sort out some approach to share that. Disney needs some other income streams at present. I wouldn’t be amazed if we attempt to do that sooner or later. That’d be incredible.”

"The Complete Edition” Of TRON Soundtrack By Daft Punk's: Check all 9 tracks

Obviously, that was all evident and the music has been delivered! New tracks like “Ocean of Simulation,” “Castor,” “Reflections,” and more are currently accessible to transfer on every single web-based feature. Look at it beneath.

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