Seal Team Season 4 Episode 5: Will Ray SURVIVE From Captivity, Release Date and Spoilers

After the massive success of seal team 3 seasons, now seal team have come with season 4 and the upcoming episode is episode 5. And we are going to discuss the release date, about ray, spoiler of the episode, etc further.

Will ray survived captivity?

The title for seal team season 4 episode 5 is “The carrot or the stick”.Ray perry is in danger in episode 4 after shown injured and still in danger in episode 5. But the team bravo will try to find and join him. Ray will try his foremost to get through the captivity but he will be highly impacted and also he can not forget the incident easily.

There are chances that ray will survive the situation and come home very safely because of the bravo team and Jason if the bravo team will find ray perry and make him survive the incident. Also, we don’t know now that they will be together or not? so, there will a lot more interesting stuff in the episode and this is a short synopsis of the episode.

Seal Team Season 4 Episode 5: Will Ray SURVIVE From Captivity, Release Date and Spoilers

Seal Team Season 4 Episode 5: Release Date

Episode 5 named “The carrot or the stick” will be releasing next year. According to the sources and the CBS network, the release date which is coming forward for now is 13 January 2021. We can say that this is probably the final and the confirmed date for the release of episode 5. Also, you can watch the latest episode and all the episodes of the series on the CBS website or app. you can also watch it on amazon prime, Direct TV, Fubo TV, etc., and also on Youtube TV by order. For watching on the official website or app, you need to have a subscription for the same.

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Spoiler of episode 5

The official spoiler of the Seal team episode 5- ” the carrot or the stick” has not yet released . But it will be released soon according to the official website of the CBS network. Also, you can see the sneak peek of the spoiler and episode 5 in the below youtube video.

so we can say that there will be a lot of fun and enjoyment in the upcoming episode of the series to watch.

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