Samsung’s next TWS earbuds: Colors and Key features

Samsung had launched its Galaxy Buds Live this August, and it has not been too long when certain leaks introduced us to the new TWS speakers that Samsung is planning to release probably in January 2021. We could be witnessing the new earpods along with the release of the new Galaxy S21. The leaked images do give an idea about the look and some of the features it could have.

Samsung’s next TWS earbuds: Colors and Key features

How does it Look?

As per the images, the new Galaxy Buds Pro sticks to the design of the original Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+. It is meant to fit in your ear. There are some visible differences when it comes to detail. The new Galaxy Buds Pro would have a more lustrous and seamless finish. The portable charging case would be larger than its predecessors so users can expect a longer battery life from the Galaxy Buds Pro.

What Features it Could Have?

Galaxy Buds Pro could enable the users to adjust the noise cancellation among various levels, instead of simply turning on and off. This would allow the user to decide how much of external sounds he wishes to hear. Along with this, it could also include ‘automatic’ switch to ambient sound. The earpods would sense if the person is talking and automatically adjust itself, allowing the wearer to listen to the other person without pausing or stopping the music or video.

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Another noticeable feature the new Galaxy Buds would be having is 3D Spatial Audio feature along with head tracking support. The head tracking support could be handy for a number of features like account security and gaming. On the other hand, the 3D Spatial Audio would allow the wearer to experience ‘surround sound’, similar to watching a movie in a cinema.

Samsung’s next TWS earbuds: Colors and Key features

While there are no visible controls on the earpods, it can be suspected that they would be controllable via an app on the phone or wearable gear. It is better if there are both for easy access to controls on the go.

What Colors They Would be Available in?

Samsung’s new earpods would have three colour variants – Silver, Black, and Violet.

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