‘GTA Online’ Cayo Perico Guide: EveryThing you want to know

The rock star has delivered its most prominent GTA 5 online DLC yet. Gamers everywhere on the globe know this as the Cayo Perico heist. is among the greatest online GTA ever, with a brand new approach to heist design that provides the chance to showcase the flexibility to play everything solo or with up to 3 other players.

The Cayo Perico Heist is an all-outlandish heist scene. Presenting an all-new colorful Heist area, with a pristine way to deal with Heist plan that includes the capacity to grandstand the adaptability on your own or with up to three distinct players.

How to get started?

After you bring forth into GTA online you’re coordinated towards a club playing incredibly great music where Miguel Madrazo will keep an eye on you and uncover all the significant information in the midst of all the music. Miguel Madrazo uncovers to make the detached Cayo Perico Island owned by El Rubio accessible.

You’ll be requiring a submarine which will cost around $2,200,000. With some NPC as your crewmates fly back to Los Santos and you’re now up for prep missions.

Players can visit War stock Cache and Carry, where the new submarine HQ named Kosatka is accessible for procurement.

 'GTA Online' Cayo Perico Guide: EveryThing you want to know

This awesome DLC is all stealth mission so mind the cameras and the guards patrolling the area. As soon as you’ve been detected the entire island will be flooded with security forces and watch helicopters that patrols the region and even with the best gears and weapon load at your disposal it will still be a catch 22.  Do a lot of recons to avoid disturbance and do add sniper rifles for silenced takeouts.

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Points of interest

Power Station: The force station kills surveillance cameras and lights, so this is a decent piece of Intel.

Control Tower: He cripples air protections and permits air-based to help teams to get inside.

Guard dress: There are four watchman suits to discover – matched with the stockpile truck, which can be utilized as an infiltrating camouflage in the blend.

Bolt cutters: Four bolt cutters are found around the Cayo Perico

Cropping equipment:  can be discovered marginally further away than jolt cutters, yet can be found in a similar public zone as jolt cutters

Cuts and payoffs

The best payout is $6.15M, all things considered, half more than the Casino by and large. The prep work can cost $500,000 to $2M, these are disagreeable. The entire of the NPCs have the least payouts whether the heist gets cash. The phenomenal ones need out and out in a manner that is superior to that.

So prep and NPCs can take up to 55% of the craziest. As there is kingpin sponsoring, you can lose money from this heist. In case you get the most phenomenal it leaves around 3,000,000 to the part between the players who do the heist with you. Or on the other hand against you.

 'GTA Online' Cayo Perico Guide: EveryThing you want to know

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