Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Episode 11: Georgiou Bid FAREWELL Ending Her Journey, New Episode The Citadel Air Date and Spoliers

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 has finally concluded the Georgiou’s journey in the latest episode, Terra Firma, Part 2. Georgiou found herself in the mirror universe when she was the Emperor of the Terran Empire. The latest episode followed after Georgiou rescued her slave Saru and spared the life of Burnham in the ninth episode. Terra Firma streamed on CBS All-Access on December 17, 2020.

The next episode in the third season is titled The Citadel. CBS All-Access will stream the new episode next week on Thursday, December 24, 2020. Star Trek Discovery’s all episodes from all season, including the latest episode are available on CBS All-Access official website and official app. As for the international viewers, they can binge-watch all the new episodes and previous episodes on Netflix. Furthermore, streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV also streams the show as video-on-demand.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 11: Preview

CBS hasn’t shared the official synopsis for the upcoming episode but we can assume few events that will happen. The upcoming episode title — The Citadel — hints that the episode will potentially feature the Galaxy-class starship, USS Citadel. Also, the episode will tell the aftermath of Burnham’s mom’s death. The episode may also focus on Book’s activities to prove his worth as he was seen using Emerald Chain technology to connect to the Kelpien system.

The previous episode revealed a big mystery — the real identity of Carl in Dannus V. Carl is none other than the torus-shaped time portal Guardian of Forever. The Guardian projected itself to the humanoid avatar, Carl for the third season of Star Trek Discovery. When Georgiou tried to change the fate of the Terran Empire, the Guardian was impressed. The Guardian later told Georgiou that he can send her elsewhere where she will survive. Georgiou died in the episode in the arms of her slave Saru before killing Burnham.

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