Hospital Playlist Season 2 Release Date Confirmed, June 2021

Lee Woo-Jung’s and Shin Won-Ho’s Hospital Playlist is a South Korean television series starring Jo Jung Suk, Yoo Yeon Seok, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Dae Myung, and Jeon Mi-do. This television series revolves around doctors and nurses who work at the Yulje Medical Centre. The main plot is based on five doctors who have known each other and been friends since they got admitted to medical school back in 1999. The series released its first season with 12 episodes back in March 2020. Now, we’re expecting Hospital Playlist Season 2.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Release date.

Fans will be happy to hear that Shin Won Ho is going to be returning along with the second season. He has also been the creator of many popular K-dramas, such as ‘Reply’ and ‘Prison Playbook’.

The production team has not renewed the show as of yet for its second season, However, According to insider sources, Hospital Playlist Season 2 is expected to release around June 2021. The stars also expressed their excitement for the launch of a new edition.

Hospital Playlist Season 2 Release Date Confirmed, June 2021

“Thank you to all the viewers who were with us every Thursday night. Please don’t forget ‘Hospital Playlist’ season two and please ‘Pick me’ again.” said Jo Jung Suk.

About the Hospital Playlist Season 2 plot.

An important arc that might be explored in season 2 will be the one that revolves around the confession of Ik Jun’s feelings of love for Song Hwa. It will also be based on how Jun Won decides that he does not want to be a priest anymore as well as accepting his feelings for Gyeo Wool.

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One thing we want to know is to want happens after Song Hwa appears surprised at the confession of Ik Jun and when the latter gives her the time to think and answer after he comes back from Spain.

We can all agree that the director and the writer have left us on an edge for the season 1 ending and what happens after that? We’ll get to know about it in April 2021.

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