Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 4: Will Frank ALLOW Wounded Cop to Continue Her Job in the Field, Release Date and Spoilers

If you are planning to enjoy the new episode of Blue Bloods Season 11 this festive season, there is heartbreaking news for you. The new episode of the police procedural drama will not return until the second week of January 2021. Blue Bloods’ new season premiered late this year due to the obstacles created by stressful coronavirus pandemic. However, this weekly disruption isn’t due to the pandemic, but due to the winter break.

Every year, the show takes winter break during the holiday season comprising Christmas and New Year.

The previous episode, titled Atonement, has been eventful by far in the eleventh season. Joe Hill’s connection with the Raegan family has finally gone public in the third episode. After the revelation, Hill is having trouble with other cops in his squad, ultimately involving in a fistfight at one point. The episode ended with a family reunion, however, Hill didn’t show up even though he previously affirmed that he will be joining the family dinner.

Donnie Hassett, the infamous gangster sends Erin and Anthony grift-wrapped evidence regarding a mob case. However, the evidence turns out to be a set-up. Meanwhile, Danny and Jamie work on to solve the murder of a woman’s grandfather, who claimed that God told her that her grandfather was murdered. The new episode, Episode 4:Redemption will air on Friday, January 8, 2021. CBS will air the episode on regular time slot between 10 pm ET and 11 pm ET.

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Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 4: Preview

Lethal Weapon actress Ali Stroker is going to guest-star in the upcoming episode titled Redemption. She will portray detective Allison Mulaney, a wheelchair-bound cop, who is requesting Frank to allow her to stay on the field. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez are hunting the evil rideshare rapist. After his partner gets shot during the job, an officer asks Jamie and Eddie to help him, to which they agree. Elsewhere, Erin is upset with the authority’s verdict to sentence a man guilty of vehicular homicide.

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