James Gunn Adds 4 New Cast Members In Suicide Squad Spinoff ‘Peacemaker’ Read More About It Below!

‘Peacemaker’ by James Gunn is a series based around John Cena’s character. The series is said to be hitting HBO Max around August 6, 2021. This series is about a character who believes in peace but also believes in the ironic ways to obtain it. No matter how many people he has to kill for it, peace can come at any cost.

The first season is said to have eight episodes. James Gunn will be writing the first one and directing many for the series. Gunn is also going through a quarantine of 2 weeks before the filming starts. Apparently, no member of the Suicide Squad is assured of escaping unscathed in this.

About the Cast.

As we know that the main character of this series is none other than John Cena himself, the cast has received an addition of four new members.

The members are Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Chris Conrad, and Jennifer Holland. The character of Brooks is called Leota Adebayo. No further information has been given about her character. Robert Patrick has the character of Auggie Smith. The role of Emilia Harcourt will be played by Jennifer Holland. Lastly, the Vigilante or Adrian Chase is going to be played by Chris Conrad.

James Gunn also mentioned and confirmed on Instagram that this series will surely revolve around the DC universe. He also says that they are the first ones to release a series based on the same.

More about the movie.

According to Variety, the production of ‘Peacemaker’ is set for early next year. This will happen before Gunn starts to work on Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3.

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Now, coming to the character of John Cena’s Peacemaker, (real name – Christopher Smith), the character is an extreme pacifist who is a deadly vigilante. He is very committed to the cause of peace and thus is very much ready to use whatever it requires to establish peace which may also include killing.

While the fans are very excited for the release of this, we all will have to wait till next year to see how it really turns out to be.

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