‘Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds : Dating History, Lifestyle and More’ Keep Scrolling to Get The Complete Scoop!

This star and power couple first met while filming for the movie ‘Green Lantern’. That was back in the year 2010. However, they had not started dating until the next year in 2011.

Blake Lively has been a star of many movies including the very famous series, ‘Gossip Girl’. On the other hand, Ryan Reynolds can be recognized by hid movie with an ultra huge fanbase- ‘Deadpool’. These actors have a very fun loving personality and a great sense of humor. So it is only natural that they are so good together.

Now, even though they seem to have a pretty private love life, here is some insight about the same.

How did it all start?

While both seem to have an amazing relationship with each other right now, these actors had a separate love life before they met. Blake had been in a relationship with Penn Badgley while Ryan had been married to star Scarlett Johannsen. They both call it off on each side and went ahead with their careers.

Following that year, during the summer, Blake Lively also ended up dating Leonardo Di Caprio. Though they called it off as well by the end of that season. After this, Blake and Ryan played it casual and here’s the catch, they also went on double dates!

Yes, that’s correct, they ended up going on double dates with different people (not together). These dates according to them were the most awkward part of their friendship.

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All through October, November and December, they provided us enough proof for us to know that they were finally an official couple. These proofs included trips to Ryan’s apartment in Boston by Blake during his birthday weekend, Thanksgiving in Utah and Christmas together in Vancouver.

In all these instances, they were seen portraying a lot of PDA like holding hands, hugging and just spending a good amount of time together.

'Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds : Dating History, Lifestyle and More' Keep Scrolling to Get The Complete Scoop!

The wedding was a bomb for all of us. This was a secret wedding that took place on 9th September, 2012 in South Carolina. The information we have got our hands on include intel about Blake’s wedding dress which was a ‘Marchesa’. Their wedding cake was a vanilla and sour cream one. They also made their first red carpet appearance at the Met Gala in 2014.

The favorite Hollywood couple now!

'Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds : Dating History, Lifestyle and More' Keep Scrolling to Get The Complete Scoop!

After their very happy and loving love life for so long, they had three beautiful daughters in the years 2014, 2016 and 2019. The three daughters were named James, Inez and Betty Reynolds. In November 2020, recently, Ryan claimed that he loved being a girl dad.

He loved the fact that he had three beautiful daughters and a wife and was surrounded by so many beautiful women.

Blake and Ryan are living a very happy life with a nice, not so little family. There quarantine was amazingly sweet to look at and for sure makes us believe that sometimes, the kind of life that looks cliché, may also be possible.


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