Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies: From Terminator to True Lies, Here’s the List. Check it Out Now!

An actor who became famous by speaking less and doing more action. Arnold Schwarzenegger changed the way Hollywood movies in more ways than one could think.

Coming from a humble background in Austria, he grew up with a passion for Body Building representing his country in the Olympics for the same. But God had other plans and he went on to become one of the highest-paid actors of his time.

Arnold could be called one of the pioneers of action movies in the early 80s Hollywood.

From Terminator to True lies

Here is the list of some of his movies

Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies: From Terminator to True Lies, Here's the List. Check it Out Now!


A path-breaking movie in all sense, directed by the great James Cameroon, it was the first movie in the man versus machine series. He played a cyborg assassin sent from the future to protect a kid who would become the savior of all humanity in the near future. It introduced us to next level fight sequences and technology in movies


One of the best by Schwarzenegger, with a simple kidnapping story, the movie had some amazing fight sequences of the One-Man Army out in enemy territory to bring his daughter back.


A science fiction film about a group of elite soldiers in the jungles of Central America, out to save a group of hostages in the guerrilla-held territory, come face to face with a technologically advanced alien who is hunting them down one by one.

Kindergarten Cop

An action-comedy film, where he stars as a tough undercover detective, working as a kindergarten teacher to catch a drug dealer. This fun movie had Schwarzenegger do some serious funny scenes with the kids.

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True Lies

Another action-comedy, directed by James Cameroon, had an interesting plot of Schwarzenegger leading a double life as a mild-mannered computer sales guy for his family and an intelligence officer for a U S intelligence agency named Omega Sector.

Schwarzenegger will always be known for action movies with a timely dose of comedy movies.


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