‘Tom and Jerry’- Release Date, Plot, Cast and more. Scroll Down To Get All the Latest Updates!

Fan of Tom and Jerry are in for a big surprise as your favorite cat and mouse are about to hit the big screens soon. It is going to be an hybrid live action/ animated movie. After almost three decades the duo will be seen in the theaters.

The first episode of “Tom and Jerry” first aired in 1940. It has over hundred episodes and two movies. It has a huge fan base even today. The fans were extremely excited on knowing about the duo’s return. A trailer for the movie was recently dropped.

Tom and Jerry even took over Looney Tunes and racked up seven Academy Awards.

Do watch the trailer released by Warner Bros here.


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'Tom and Jerry'- Release Date, Plot, Cast and more. Scroll Down To Get All the Latest Updates!
Tom and Jerry

The plot is unclear, however the synopsis of the film does provide a few hints. We will see the pair getting kicked out of their residence. As a result they are in some way forced to reside in a stylish and luxurious New York Hotel.

The protagonist in the movie is named Kayla who has just taken a job at the hotel. Jerry threatens Kayla to ruin the royal wedding taking place at the hotel. She hires Tom to get Jerry out of the hotel. Now we all are well aware what happens when we see Tom and Jerry together.


The movie casts includes:

  • Chloe Grace Moretz
  • Michael Pena
  • Rob Delaney
  • Colin Jost
  • Ken Jeong

Release Date

Initially the movie was set to release in April, 2021. Now recently Warner Bros announced that the movie will be released four months earlier. Now it is set to release on 23 December, 2020. The movie is set to bring more excitement this Christmas.

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This is going to be the third Tom and Jerry movie to be released in theatres. The first was Tom and Jerry: The Movie. Second being Tom and Jerry: The Fast and The Furry. After a long time the third movie brings a lot of excitement for the fans across the world.

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