Tiny Pretty Things Ending Explained: Season 2 Theory, Release Date, Kylie Jefferson Returning. Read Now to Know More!

Tiny Pretty Things is an American drama television series which set its release on 14th December 2020 on Netflix. 

The drama consists of 10 episodes total directing by Michael MacLennan. The story is based on the novel ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton.

The series tells about the world of ballet, set at the Archer School in Chicago- revolving around the ballet students in the elite school. 

The first episode set a twist to the audience where Cassie Shore, the showrunner, practised on the school’s roof for a competition. A person in a black hoodie- holding a white rose [indicating death] grasps Cassie and is forcibly pushed away on the ground.

Fortunately, Cassie didn’t die on the spot and holding breath later saved her. Neveah Stroyer is not much rich to enter the school but to replace Cassie.

Tiny Pretty Things Ending Explained: Season 2 Theory, Release date, Kylie Jefferson Returning. Read Now to Know More!

How did the story end?

  • It becomes a hurdle for Neveah Stroyer to overcome the strifes and achieve to be a ballet. In the end, Neveah while backpacking things, under her pillow a white rose with a note “It’s Time to fly” that left the audience in a cliffhanger.
  • Ramon- a talented choreographer, also Deila’s boyfriend asked him to assist the coming up Ballet event which will subdue the scandal of Cassie’s accident. He receives a random threatening text from an unknown person. Cassie’s boyfriend- Nabil who leads the male dancers, where suspicion falls on him for Cassie’s incident.
  • Bette is a typical bully girl who teases Neveah as Pity Rat, facing discriminate when the spotlight lies to her sister Deila.  
  • June is Neveah’s new roommate, who is also quite jealous of Cassie’s lead role in ballet and promising her mom that she will shine once Cassie quits.
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When do we see Season 1 of Tiny Pretty Things?

As the season 1 ended in a cliffhanger and we don’t know who is the suspect trying to kill Cassie and Neveah. We could see the next sequel in December 2021. for sure will expect Kylie Jefferson in the upcoming season.

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