‘Money Heist Season 5 : Plot, New Cast Members and Release Date’ Keep Reading To Know More!

Disclaimer: SPOILER ALERT!!!

In the year 2017, Alex Rodrigo, dropped a major bomb in our laps by directing the nail biting show, ‘La Casa De Papel’ A.K.A ‘Money Heist’ leaving us ablazed by casting the essence of the Spanish film industry like Alvero Morte (The Professor), Ursula Corbero (Tokyo), Alba Flores (Nairobi) and many others. From season 1 to season 4, Alex Pina has left us on one cliffhanger after the other.

But what is different this time?

The viewers were left devastated with (Here comes the spoiler!) the heartbreaking death of Alba Flores A.K.A Nairobi. Her fans held themselves together as she recovered repeatedly like a phoenix rising from the ashes throughout season 4 but were left shaken when she was shot dead in her head by Gandia.

So what does season 5 have for us?

As the end of season 4 leaves us with a shattered heart and a sense of vengence and war, this emotion was also supported by writer Alex Pina as he says, “We are moving from a chess game – a mere intellectual strategy – to a war strategy: attack and contention.”

Season 4 also ended with the war cry of “For Nairobi” or “Por Nairobi”as a declaration for war wanting payback for Nairobi’s death and for the ultimate spine-chiller, we’ve caught our breaths as we find Professor held at gunpoint by Alicia Sierra.

Moreover, Netflix has also announced two new cast members – Miguel Angel Silvestre and Patrick Criado, however, their roles are still under the carpet.

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What we know for sure is that season 5 will be in a state of war. The rest, it wouldn’t be ‘Money heist’ without any suspense, now would it?

'Money Heist Season 5 : Plot, New Cast Members and Release Date' Keep Reading To Know More!

When can we expect Season 5?

The official release is set to be in 2021. However, what was confirmed on July 31st of the year 2020 is that this season 5 will be the last of the series as they set out to film the same starting August 3rd 2020.

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