Gwen Stefani Slays In Holiday Green CropTop and Massive Skirt During ‘The Voice ’Finale – Pics

Gwen Stefani has given some great looks during season 19 of ‘The Voice.’ She saved the precious and the most timeless for last in a green crop top and cosmic green tulle ball gown skirt for her act with Carter Rubin.

Gwen Stefani made us feel all Christmasy during 15th December, season 19 finale of  The Voice. She carried an outfit that made her look like a Christmas tree, as she took the stage to perform with her finalists, 15-year-old Carter Rubin.

Her pine green ball gown skirt was shrouded in layers of tulle fabric that seemed like branches, as the dress narrowed beautifully from the wide bottom up to her waistline.

The Voice Finale

The skirt was engulfed in cute red bows like one would decorate their Christmas tree with. But Gwen was all sensuous with the rest of her troupe. She wore a matching green bralette kind of crop top that crisscrossed at her neckline. The 51-year-old showed off her bare abs and perfect waist. Stefani then finished off the look with a red velvet hairband in her blonde wavy hair. 

Gwen Stefani Slays In Holiday Green CropTop and Massive Skirt During ‘The Voice ’Finale – Pics

Young Carter matched his outfits with her beloved coach in a green tuxedo as the two sang her holiday song “You Make It Feel Like Christmas,” the title track of her Christmas album. Carter Rubin took over for Gwen’s fiance and fellow The Voice coach Blake Shelton, who recorded the original duet with his amour.


 Gwen had a massive and vital night on The Voice, as she bagged her first win as a coach when Carter was declared the champion. Carter also became the youngest in the show’s history to become a champion, as he’s only 15-years-old.  

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When Carter’s name was announced, Gwen let out a joyful squeal and headed up to the stage to congratulate her first winner. But we heard she saying “I can’t hug him?” and had to stand six feet away from Carter as they shared in the joy, while social distancing due to COVID-19 pandemic protocols.

The singer had changed into a detailed rose-themed gown, with a large pink open rosebud as a headgear. This was Gwen’s 5th season as a coach on The Voice, serving on earlier seasons 7, 9, 12 and 17. She also had the satisfaction of beating her fiance Blake twice over, as Jim finished in second place followed by Blake’s other contestant Ian Flanigan in third.

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