‘Android 11 Update Confirmed : New Features List and Supporting Devices’! Scroll Down to Know More.

The all new Android 11 update is here. This update has been long awaited by so many of its users. The announcement for this was made in January and it is finally here. This time around, Google has made sure that this update provides us with tons of features

. The best part is that it is a free update and it works on tons of new devices of all shapes and sizes that support the Android system. It was released on September 8 and has gotten it’s fans going gaga over it ever since.

But now that it is here, what is so exciting about it? What are it’s features and what devices does it support?



  1. The Android 11 includes behavior changes that will occur regardless of the device or app. It is advised that you test your app and then you modify it. You should do it as the modification will enable the update to support the device as needed.
  2. Android 11 introduces a changes and restrictions to enhance user privacy, including the following: This update allows changes and enhances user privacy. The following will take place : a) One time permission b) Permission dialog visibility c) Data Access auditing    d) System alert window permissions
  3.  The new Exposure Notification System enables the exposure notifications app to run without the hassle of turning on the device location. Through this, the apps cannot infer the device location through Bluetooth scanning anymore.
  4. Under security, the new Scudo Hardened Allocator is used by the Android 11 update to service heap locations. It detects and mitigates memory safety violations. For example, if you are seeing ‘Scudo ERROR: ‘ via native crash reports, then you should refer the Scudo Troubleshooting documentation.
  5. The credential encrypted storage is used in order to further better protect the users. It does so by storing each user’s app usage stats. Unless the user unlocks their device for the first time after system startup or the account on their device is switched, the system nor any apps can access the data.
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'Android 11 Update Confirmed : New Features List and Supporting Devices'! Scroll Down to Know More

Here is a list of devices that will support this new Android 11 update :

  1. Google
  2. Samsung
  3. Motorola
  4. OnePlus
  5. Nokia
  6. Realme
  7. Vivo
  8. Xiaomi


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