Is Xbox Series Better Than PS5? Xbox Series vs PS5. Get All the Recent Updates Right Here!

The PS5 and Xbox Series are the most competitive consoles that are available right now in the market to every gamer.

Which one is the best: Xbox series or ps5?

We all know that Sony and Microsoft stand powerful pressure in the market when it arrives at the features and specifications of the consoles and Both the consoles are ruling the gaming world. 

PS5 and Xbox series consoles released in the same month November 2020 and have the precise benefit in each with the same cost. Both the gaming consoles have the same features from hardware to software- 

Is Xbox Series Better Than PS5? Xbox Series vs ps5. Get All the Recent Updates Right Here!

Which gaming consoles have the best features?

  • RAM 16GB for both the consoles- Xbox series and PS5
  • Memory fluctuates where PS5 has 448GB but here in Xbox Series 560GB and 335GB.
  • GPU which is a very crucial component in every console- where PS5 have third-gen AMD Ryzen chipset which runs 2.23GHz. On the other hand, Xbox Series uses the custom AMD which makes it more powerful than its previous generation model- it offers 1.823GHz.
  • Controller: PS5 concentrates more on its controller which is adopting DualSnese, whereas Xbox Series emphasis on the features rather than its controller. 
  • When it comes to design- both the consoles giving their best appearance, but PS5 have a much more impressive look than Xbox Series which is just a big black box.

Overall comparison of PS5 and Xbox Series:

These two brands never disappoint us with its innovation but will find difficult to count on which is opt to buy and which has best features, From the above points on the features of both the consoles, we would say that Microsoft and Sony gave their best creation to every gamer with remarkable backwards compatibility support, stunning graphics, excellent power, speed and visuals of the video output. 

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