Hailey Baldwin Shed Some Light on Hailey v Selena Gomez War and the Truth Behind it.

The most talkable antagonists in Hollywood are Selena Gomez and Haily Baldwin where their former life partner reflects their current relationship in some bad terms. 

When did this war begin?

We all know that the most agreeable lovebirds-Selena and Justin were the tricks to media and keeping their bond as goals, but ended soon. 

In 2019 Justin and Hailey knotted, where they met as childhood friends and later turned into a lovely couple in the world- where their mutual understanding is something that should be spoken.

Recently Selena’s fans are going against Hailey stating that Justin and Selena are made for each other where some people began the drama of war between Selena and Hailey- that ends when Justin posted a story regarding this issue which is playing against his wife Hailey Bieber.

Hailey Baldwin Shed Some Light on Hailey v Selena Gomez War and the Truth Behind it.

What happened between Hailey and Selena?

After hearing Jelena Break up in 2014, many fans went absurd in their decisions- and even Selena released a song that expresses her heart broke with Justin- “Lose you to Love me” that gained enormous recognition but at the same time resulting many fans to go against after Hailey- when Justin and Hailey seeming close. 

Hailey feeling bad about her recent life on Instagram:

  • In October 2019; After that song, fans were very rough to Hailey which makes Selena to post that “I don’t want to stand for women lacerating other women down” by moving on and respecting Hailey and Justin’s relationship. 
  • But recently, a Selena fan made some bad commentaries on Hailey’s living on Instagram- building some buzz and telling the people to “Blast Hailey and can’t abide to see it”.
  •  Hailey thinks about negotiating her badly and she wishes that this treatment shouldn’t be happening to anyone with serious hate from people.
  • Justin held Hailey’s back and as a response to the hatred, by posting a story which states that “ stop making my wife sense bad about my previous love life and we want to be happy”.

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