Bob Odenkirk is John Wick MEETS Better Call Saul in ‘Nobody’ Red Band Trailer

We knew Bob Odenkirk is a phenomenal actor, but he has raised the bar in his recent project, Nobody. Odenkirk had his breakthrough role in ABC thriller Breaking Bad after appearing in a various comical role. In most of his previous appearance, either film or television shows, Bob has never played such a role, where he turns violent and kicks ass to get things done or protect his loved ones. Odenkirk is literally going full John Wick-esque in his upcoming action-thriller film, Nobody.

Universal dropped the new red band trailer for Nobody on December 10, 2020. The trailer gives you the popular John Wick vibes, which contains similar blood-soaked violence and chilling gunfights. Ilya Naishuller is directing the action-comedy, which also stars Connie Nielsen, RZA, and Christopher Lloyd. The film should have released back in August 2020 but got delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the film will hit theatres next year, on February 26, 2021.

Nobody tells the story of a worn-down father — played by Bob Odenkirk — who returns to violence in order to prove his lost dignity. The troubled father becomes a nobody when he refuses to protect his own family when two burglars break into his house. He declined to protect them because he was suffering from PTSD and thought that the experience would result in another traumatic memory.

When his own family and neighbour disregard him as nobody, he forcibly returns to his past life, which he thought he had left behind. The mild-mannered father turns into a violent beast and starts showing what and how he is capable of dealing either the nuisance bullies or armed assassins. Bob Odenkirk’s character doesn’t lose his dog in the process, but his daughter’s kitty-cat bracelet is enough to take down the enemies left and right.

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The John Wick-esque makes sense because the film features two individuals, who worked in the whole John Wick franchise. Derek Kolstad is writing the film, who previously wrote all three films in John Wick film series. Also, David Leitch, who directed the first John Wick, is producing Nobody.

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