Cyberpunk 2077 Players Reporting Major Issues On PS4 And Xbox One. Check The Issues And Other Information Right Here!

There are major glitches and issues reported on the very first day of the new Cyberpunk 2077 game by CD Projekt Red. There was palpable excitement for this game as the wait had been a long one. But looks like things were not up to the expectation for the developers due to the glitches reported by all the older consoles including PS4 and Xbox One.

The issue

According to some reports on social media, people are reporting major glitches and frame rate issues, major pop-ins, and more issues on PS4 and Xbox One consoles. It was also reported that people found a workaround to play the game earlier than the release date in their area by changing the time zone on their game consoles or also trying the game without the day zero patch, there wasn’t any clarity on this matter.

Cyberpunk 2077 players reporting major issues on PS4 and Xbox One. Check the issues and other information right here!

The claim on a dozen live streams of the game they saw a number of frame freezes, choppy gameplay, strangely geometric NPCs, and more. While the people with a previous generation game console are reporting an issue, there seem to be no issues for the PC game users. The earlier reviewers of the game were given the PC user code of the game.

No response from C D Projekt Red

So far there has been no response to this from the game’s developers. This is a major disappointment for all console game users, as the developers had said that the game is ready for console users back in November.

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Several users have expressed their dissatisfaction on social media, by sharing videos of how bad the game is. Images from PS1, PS2, or Nintendo N64 have been uploaded to draw comparison of the issues in the game

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