New Audi Q5 2021 India Launch Date, Specs, Features & Images. Get all the latest updates here!

The Q5 now gets another arrangement of DRLs or daytime running lights. The headlamp bunch is changed consequently, and yes while a full LED group is standard, the grid LEDs can be arranged as a discretionary extra. Utilizing another lighter ledge embed has additionally upgraded the vehicle’s ground leeway.

An upgraded back end, spic and span OLED taillights (which have their own story, see beneath), another diffuser and tailpipes, give the vehicle a more athletic back. By and large the vehicle seems more extensive and greater, despite the fact that it isn’t so. There are two new shadings – ultra blue and the one you see here, called area green.

New Audi Q5: Specs

An overhauled back end, fresh out of the box new OLED taillights, another diffuser and tailpipes give the vehicle a more athletic rear.Now those OLED taillights. OLED or natural light radiating diodes, are better than ordinary LEDs as they can illuminate a bigger region all the more uniformly.

The new taillights use them, and Audi had gone above and beyond to bringing to the table three diverse back light marks or examples that purchasers can pick between. Every signature accompanies its unmistakable movement when the vehicle is opened, or turned off – what is otherwise called the ‘venturing out from home and returning home’ light situation.

The movement (which means the example wherein the taillight bunch illuminates or closes down) is diverse for every one of the three looks, and this is an enormous first in the business. Having a beginning up or closed down liveliness was likewise an Audi first yet now this takes it further.

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New Audi Q5 2021 India Launch Date, Specs, Features & Images. Get all the latest updates here!

Other than the three plan decisions that purchasers can settle on, there is a fourth signature taillight design which goes ahead naturally, when the vehicle is placed in unique mode (utilizing the drive select drive modes program).

The OLED taillights have another stunt – and that is security related. All the OLED fragments inside the group light up – when the vehicle is at stop and sensors distinguish another vehicle coming nearer from behind – like say at a traffic light. When you drive away, the taillights return to the picked signature plan.


These are the 2.0 TFSI quattro with 200 bhp and 350 Nm, and a similar motor with a 260 bhp yield. The subsequent emphasis makes 370 Nm of pinnacle force. Both have a 12-volt mellow mixture framework with brake energy recovery, and are hitched to a 7-Speed double grasp S-Tronic gearbox. T

he V6 goes into the SQ5 TFSI quattro. The 3-liter motor makes 348 bhp and 500 Nm; and utilizations a 8-Speed force convertor tiptronic to channel such force to the wheels. The V6 has a standard 48-volt gentle cross breed EV framework.

While both motor variations have quattro, the 4-chambers utilize the lighter (and less expensive) ultra innovation, while the pure breed quattro (with a torsen mid-differential) goes into the SQ5. Going rough terrain is presently simpler, with another tendency point show, and obviously the declining help work.


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