Alfa Romeo GTV price leaked and launch date revealed! Check here to get all the latest updates!

Alfa Romeo’s upcoming GTV Supercar’s image has been circulated online on a website, which is in line to make its departure by the next year 2021.

How did people identify that the leaked image referred to Alfa’s next prime car?

Before the leakage, Alfa’s sister company-Fiat Chrysler Association disclosed a concept sketch which resembled exactly to its upcoming GTV supercar’s image.

The car shows a two-door GTV with a portrait that is likely to those of the Maserati GranTurismo and Ferrari Portofino- Mercedes AMG GT models. 

The GTV supercar arrives in deep red colour and has the GTV wheels and a thin LED taillight band looks like an eye which represents the company’s SUV. 

The Alfa Romeo is presently planning to set the GTV Supercar’s sales out by early 2022 after considering the pandemic.

How does the Image get leaked? 

In October 2020, an Italian website named as “Club Alfa” illegally published the upcoming GTV Supercar, from there we could let out that the GTV Supercar is so cool and savoury with its appearance. 

The price is starting fromthe range of 40 thousands dollars to 70 thousands dollars.
Alfa Romeo GTV price leaked and launch date revealed! Check here to get all the latest updates!

GTV Supercar best features:

When you hear the word ‘supercar’ itself states what the features included and will leave us stunning. The supercar assured to have new technology features:

  • Touchscreen: while the best component we have in this GTV supercar is an effective touchscreen inside that can pull up apple car play and Android auto. 
  • Model: the interior design makes everyone mind-blowing which looks identical to the Giulia style, which attains with comfortable leather four-seats.
  • The company reported that the new model will have a 2.9 Litre twin-turbo V6 stirred with some advanced electric motors.
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Stay tuned to get more information about the Alfa Romeo Latest GTV Supercar soon.

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