New BMW i3 2021 India Launch Date, Specs, Features & Images

German manufacturer BMW has been in the spotlight in India ever since it set foot in the nation back in 2007. With some of the top-selling automobiles in their listings, BMW is a firm that sells cars that renders high-tech apparatus, premium build facets, and unparalleled style. Despite the vehicle industry taking an enormous hit during the progressing COVID-19 pandemic, BMW has coped with getting their loyal buyers thrilled with the news of some of their latest launches. With three new models to look forward to, we can expect BMW to gain a few more fans shortly.

Key Information-

Expected Launch-  10 June 2021
Power- 184PS Electric Motor
Battery- 3kWh Lithium-Ion
Range- 280km

If the BMW i3 doesn’t push you to reach for your ownership papers, I highly doubt what will. This compact EV from the German giants has already been made at one’s reach in America and Europe and is ready to make its appearance in India in 2020.New BMW i3 2021 India Launch Date, Specs, Features & Images


Primarily, the exteriors of the i3 are positively marvellous – not only does it give the car a pioneering look, but it does so with finesse. On the forefront, the vehicle is suited with the same kind of kidney grate we have transpired to love BMW for a while the U-shaped indicators and headlamps are incorporated of LED lights. Even though the car is relatively compact, BMW has put huge 20-inch wheels on it which gives it better stoutness and hold on all types of routes. Even on the back, the car attributes turn indicators and LED taillights that adjoin the prominent bumper. One of the standalone features though is the suicide doors that give the i3 instant attention.

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In words of the interiors and specifications, the car has a 5.7-inch instrument clump, a 10.25-inch infotainment structure, Apple CarPlay connection, reverse parking view, and Active Cruise Power. Astounding the i3 is a 33kWh Lithium-Ion battery that is connected to a 184PS electric motor and can take the vehicle from 0-100km in 6.9 seconds with a maximum range of 280kms.


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