Jennifer Lawrence Dating History: Relationship Timeline. Catch here all the recent updates!

One of the youngest Oscar winners in the history of the awards is also a beautiful person inside out. Already a slew of hits under her belt including the Hunger Game movie series and X-men, Jennifer is a busy actress in Hollywood.

The art dealer and his muse.

With that also comes the speculation of her personal life especially her love life. Jennifer is known to be a private person, yet the media has always speculated about the lovers in her life.

She finally settled in holy matrimony with gallery director Cooke Maroney. They met in June 2018 through one of her very good friends.  In February 2019 her rep confirmed her engagement to Maroney. They were spotted together on quite a few occasions between 2018 and now

Jennifer Lawrence Dating History: Relationship Timeline. Catch here all the recent updates!

Life before Maroney

Before she met Maroney, Jennifer was in relation with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, but the relationship didn’t last long as she was busy working. Martin has just split from his wife Gwyneth Paltrow then.

Lawrence also dated her X-men co-star the British actor Nicholas Halt. They met in 2010 while the movie. They split in 2014 amicably and continue to be good friends. Hoult was heard saying that they are one big family who started together on the X-men when they were barely in their 20s. She said that felt very lonely and lost as a girl after the split with Hoult as this was a long relationship and they literally grew up together.

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JLaw also dated her director of the movie Mother! for more than a year, the relationship ended in October 2017. Jennifer has always maintained a friendly relationship with all her ex’s.

Jennifer also confessed to have some feelings for Liam Hemsworth, but it never became a full-blown relationship. They had filmed the Hunger Games film series together and had become friends. She finds him hot, they would have made an amazing pair, sadly it wasn’t to be.

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