Apple Glasses price, launch date, specs and connectivity.

The Apple Glass expanded reality glasses are all but affirmed at this point, and we’re starting to see what the cutting edge, the first-generation wearable seems to see like.
When we, to begin with, listened to the word of “Apple Glasses,” rumors proposed the lenses would dispatch this year. But with Apple’s 2020 item line completely fleshed out with the likes of the iPhone 12, Apple Observe 6, and AirPods Studio, the close future Apple increased reality glasses looked hazy.

One dependable examiner said Apple Glass might come as before long as another year, whereas another longtime source for Apple item discharges accepts the discharge won’t happen until 2022. Bloomberg’s Stamp Gurman said the earliest we’ll see them is 2023. Either way, the extend is certainly within the works.
Apple Glass is anticipated to run on Starboard (or maybe glassOS,) a restrictive working system revealed within the last form of iOS 13. The increased reality system appears at different times in code and content documents, meaning Apple is likely testing actuation and application.

Here’s everything else we know about Apple Glass, including the potential release date, price, design, and specs.


Latest News Regarding Lens Updated On 2nd November

  1. An Apple Glass patent has indicated how the savvy glasses might assist you to see within the dim.
  2. An unused patent recommends Apple Glass might assist you “see” superior within the dim by giving key natural data.
  3. The Apple Glass headset may utilize Sony OLED shows for AR, agreeing to show examiner Ross Young.
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Release Date

Apple Glass is coming 2023 at the most punctualconcurring to a report from Bloomberg. An Apple VR headset situated to compete with the Oculus Rift 2 is closer to dispatch.

All may well be off-base — Jon Prosser, a legitimate Apple leaker, says Apple Glasses may come sooner than we thought. Prosser accepts the launch is pointed for “March-June 2021.”


As claimed by Prosser the Apple Glasses are as of now estimated at $499, also prescription expensesPresently that will appear mooparticularly compared to competing augmented reality headsets just like the Microsoft Hololens 2.

Hololens 2 features a cost tag of $3,500 but an enormous portion of its fetched comes from having all the gadgets required to run the AR encounter built into the headset.

Apple Glass features:

As claimed by the Bloomberg report, the Apple AR Glasses will bring data from your phone to your confrontParticularly, the eyewear “is anticipated to synchronize with a wearer’s iPhone to show things such as writings, emails, maps, and recreations over the user’s field of vision.”

Apple moreover has plans for third-party apps and is considering a committed app store, comparable to how you get apps for the Apple TV and Apple Watch.

(Image credit: Apple patent)

Another Apple glass patent depicts how you may well be able to alter out your foundations on the fly, compared to zoom. The obvious portrays how a headset might perform chroma-keying, which is supplanting a strong color foundation with something else.

 The headset would “format camera picturesdistinguish the chosen color run, and make a composite with the virtual content. “

One Apple Glass patent focuses on how it may let you see parts of the world you need to see, compared to Google’s Street View. The distinction is that this see would be anticipated straightforwardly onto the Apple Glass focal points. And you may carefully teleport to different areas.

 Apple features a comparable include within the Apple Maps app presently called Look Around, but this would be much more immersive on Apple Glass.
 A latest Apple patent reveals that the Apple Glass may be able to let you alter foundations on the fly, a bit like Zoom, too.
 One of the more out there Apple patents proposes that Apple Glass may assist you to see way better within the dimby means of profundity sensors that give a more noteworthy see at the world around you.


There are no known specs around the Apple Glass, however, but we are able to hypothesize based on what we know around the current tech. For illustrationit’ll at slightest have the same field of view (52-degrees) and resolution (47 ppi) as the Hololens 2.

 If Apple points to make a genuine expanded reality arrangement — as contradicted to a heads-up show that shows 2D coasting notices or maps, like Google Glass — it’s sensible to anticipate the Apple Glasses to associate straightforwardly to the iPhone on a devoted Wi-Fi connection.

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