The Boys Season 3: Victoria Neuman Cannot Kill Antony Starr, aka Homelander, Here’s Why

The Boys Season 2 recently concluded its eight-episode run and the show has probably blown every fans’ mind. A mysterious supe-assassin had been literally blowing peoples’ head several times in the second season. The same assassin killed most of the attendees in the hearing against Vought, including Shockwave and Vogelbaum. Fans wondered the mysterious assassin might either be Stormfront or an unstable patient, who escaped from Sage Grove.

But in reality, the mysterious killer Supe is the congresswoman Victoria Neuman. Neuman has been publicly opposing the Vought and militarization of the superhero. The creators haven’t revealed the true intentions of this character yet. But surely, Victoria Neuman will play a major role in the upcoming third season. Since she is against the Supes, she may end up fighting against the leader of Seven, Homelander.

Can Victoria Neuman Kill Homelander?

The Boys’ main motive is to take down the Vought and Neuman also share the same opinion. In the second season finale, Hughie asked for a job with Neuman, for which she agreed. Neuman and the Boys would possibly work together to take down the self-centred superheroes and Vought. Neuman may end up confronting Homelander in the process and fight against him. But, can she kill Homelander? — she cannot!

Neuman’s abilities haven’t been revealed properly in the series. It is certain that she is telekinetic and can kill people by bursting their head from distance. However, she cannot kill two or more at once, considering the sequential deaths at the hearing. Homelander is the most powerful superhero in the Boys’ universe, and simply her powers don’t work at him.

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But, that’s not why Neuman cannot kill Homelander. The story has always been about the boys’ revenge against Vought and superheroes. Most importantly, it is Butcher’s revenge story against Homelander for raping his wife and ultimately killing her. Several facts have changed from the original comics, but Butcher-Homelander confrontation shouldn’t be altered in any way possible.

Furthermore, there may be a secret truth to Neuman’s real identity. There is a high chance that Neuman has been secretly working for the Vought this whole time. If we look back to the people whom she killed, they have or were trying to publicly speak against the Vought. Vought CEO Stan Edgar may have worked with Neuman all this long to protect the company in the future. She certainly has some connection with the company given that she has the power.

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