Warner Bros Confirms Godzilla v Kong is Coming on HBO Max the Same day as Theatre Release

If you think this year is almost ending with no more surprises on its way, you are entirely wrong as studio giant Warner Bros. has made a big announcement that has stunned everyone beyond measures! We need to find out about this brand new announcement that Warner Bros. just made!

Godzilla v Kong Will Be Available On HBO Max On The Same Day Of Its Theatrical Release!

It’s time to celebrate as Warner Bros. has officially announced that all the big tent pole movies that are lined up including Dune, Godzilla Vs Kong, Space Jam sequel, and even The Matrix 4 will all debut on HBO Max on the same day as their scheduled theatrical release.

Warner Bros Confirms Godzilla v Kong is Coming on HBO Max the Same day as Theatre Release

Godzilla v Kong Will Be Available Along With Other Big Tent Pole Movies!

This new announcement will surely be a big push for the newly released streaming platform, HBO Max, with the numbers of subscribers increasing with time. The newest announcement might have been taken considering the present situation of the pandemic terror in mind. Here’s the big announcement made by studio giant Warner Bros. on social media.

While people might be a bit hesitant to visit the theatres, they can easily binge-watch these highly anticipated movies exclusively on HBO Max month’s first day of release. Fans are already quite excited about this decision taken by Warner Bros.

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HBO Max With The Exclusive Home For The Much Awaited Movie, Godzilla v Kong, Dune And Others!

Moreover, the WarnerMedia chair and CEO Ann Sarnoff has opened up about this new decision taken by the studio giant stating that while they want these movies on the big screens, the studio needs to valance the new normal and accept the fact the theatres might operate at reduced capacity with the pandemic terror wreaking havoc on the Entertainment industry.

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