People Slammed director who Mocked and Humiliated Euphoria star, Lukas Gage. Read below to know more!

We know this amazing American actor from the movies and series like “American Vandal”, “Scouts Guide to Zombie Apocalypse” and he was part of last year’s hit series “Euphoria”. The name of this rising American star is Lukas Gage. In recent time an incident happened that made Hollywood people come together and support this fellow actor. That incident also proved that the people in showbiz business are always there for each other and will support each other in both happy and bad times.

As we all know what bad impact this Corona Virus is having on this planet and everyone is suffering and are shut in their houses. This has made the situation hard for the actors as they are also shut in their houses and they can’t shot for the movies and can’t even audition for the new acting jobs. The same thing happened with T@gged actor as he was forced to give audition from his apartment with the help of zoom app. 

People Slammed director who Mocked and Humiliated Euphoria star, Lukas Gage. Read below to know more!

What was the original incident?

The Euphoria actor posted his zoom audition on his Instagram with the caption saying,” PSA: If you’re a shit talking director make sure to mute Ur mic on zoom mtgings”. In this video, it was discovered that an English director embarrassed and humiliated him during his zoom audition. This all happened when he was auditioning for an English director movie. As their meeting started Gage was getting ready to give an audition that’s when director thought the video is on mute and he said,” these poor people living in these tiny apartments like I’m looking at this background and he’s got his TV.” The English men stopped the minute Lukas replied,” ooh…yeah unmuted. I know it’s a shitty apartment but that’s why give me this job and I’ll get a better one.” The moment 25 year old  stopped there was an awkward silence and “Mortified,” English men replied after he sincerely apologized to the actor. 

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That Instagram post also revealed that the American Vandal star continued the conversation and he was smiling when he said,” I’m living in 4×4 box, just gimme the job and we’ll be fine.” You can see in the video down below how mortifying and horrible that experience was for Lukas Gage.


This video went viral and just in 13 hours; it was viewed more than 300k times.

How people reacted to it? 

It was normal that his fans will come forward and will support him as he has around 143k following on his Instagram account. But the thing that was surprising and was so good that a lot of his fellow actors came forward and supported him and praised him for his replies to that dirty director and how well he handled the situation. The Irish actor Paul Mescal came forward in his support and wrote, “What the fuck?” Not only him but the English lady and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner announced the whole situation “fucked up”. Her husband and the band member of the famous pop band “Jonas Brothers “Joe Jonas praised him and said, “handled like a champ”. The American actor and model Patrick Schwarzenegger admired when he wrote, “I dunno how you reacted so well lol”.

Gage amusingly said that he will expose that English man if people will like the video for 100k times. 

It was so amazing how people reacted and supported this rising star. I wish for a good future for him and I hope he achieves great heights.

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