Petition to Fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 gets 1.8 Million Signee

With Johnny Depp’s removal from ”Fantastic Beast” franchise, the petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2, is gaining momentum. The petition is addressed to both DC Entertainment and Warner Bros, created by Jeanne Larson, who has been a passionate supporter of the Pirates of the Caribbean star from the start of the whole Heard – Depp controversy.

”Wife Beater” claim by “The Sun”

On November 2, Justice Andrew Nicol decreed that the claim in the article in The Sun, that Depp is a ‘’wife beater’’ was ‘’substantially true’’. This led to Mads Mikkelsen replacing Depp in the Fantastic Beast movie franchise. This could be considered a small victory for Heard, who is excited to start shooting for Aquaman 2 in 2021.

Depp’s appeal to overturn the court’s ruling was denied by the judge. The judge also order Depp to make a payment to newspaper to cover their legal expenses.

The Petition

Even though the petition is making a hue and cry about  why Heard shouldn’t be playing Mera again. The executives at DC and Warner bros are pretty much sitting on the fence about the whole mess. When asked about the petition Heard called it a ‘paid rumors’ and ‘paid campaign’ which don’t dictate to casting decisions. She then thanked the fans for the love and appreciation for Aquaman 1 which in turn led to Aquaman 2.

In one of the most controversial domestic abuse cases in Hollywood, there have been many claims, counter claims of who did what and who did what not, there is no end in sight as of now. The same libel case will be fought in United States court in 2021.  Whatever may be the outcome of it, but this incident has surely sparked a conversation among local public about domestic abuse and can only a man be the abuser or can he be abused too ?

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