Kevin Hart Getting Slammed for Netflix Stand-Up Special but Should He Really Care

The controversial Kevin Hart comes out with a comedy special on Netflix from the comfort of his living room. He is wearing a silk pajamas, with a glass of a whisky in his hand, on a stage set up beside the fire place, seems like a cosy set up with a limited mask audience for support.

The Start

It is a slow start, with his walk from upstairs checking on his family, and being wished by them to the passage where he has some art work of famous comedians for inspiration.  He starts with the nice line about doing this set from home, in his comfort zone.

Then reminiscing about being tested positive for Covid and that experience. The jokes are a bit mild, even though the tittle suggests Zero F**ks, but it seems as if he does care and gives a F**k about what he is saying or avoiding.

From large auditorium and arena to his home

Through the one-hour special which is a big deal for any comedian there are mild to okay laughs, not much of controversy, which I guess he didn’t want to stir after the Oscar 2019 mishap. Where his past tweets about homosexuality were brought to notice and Hart was asked to apologize, which he did under some pressure from the Oscar people and not wholeheartedly. His half-baked attempts also misfired and pulled him further into a rut.

Was there a need for this Special, probably not. Was Hart his usually frantic, over the top self? not at all. This one hour came across, as if he did it because he could, without offering something new or for that matter something old, which his fans would have enjoyed.

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The part that was enjoyable was he talking about the everyday life and how it has changed with the pandemic and local people having a camera and recording him eating a burger, after he declared that he is going plant based.

This was an hour of tepid Hart, which is fine if you have nothing much to do and wanna relax with a drink in hand with some Hart talking like a chilled friend.

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