Attack on Titan Chapter 135: Eren Fierce Battle date confirm

It seems like anime lovers are in for a treat as the newest chapter 135 of the popular anime series Attack On The Titan is all set to drop a major plot twist and we need to know every detail of it, which is given right here!

Anime Series Attack On Titan Is Arriving With Newest Chapters Soon!

Get ready as Survey Corps are ready to bring down a major character in the story, well, they will be bringing home Eren who will play the major antagonist in the 135 chapter of the anime series. As fans are soon going to bid their farewell to the manga series, a huge battle is about to take place!

Fans Are Going To Witness A Fierce Battle In Chapter 135!

Eren, who is out their to complete his final move of his Euthanasia Plan, will be out there killing everyone who does not have Eldian blood. With Mikasa, and the new Survey Corps landing, the intense battle is about to begin in chapter 135.

However, while the newest chapter is all set to focus on the upcoming fierce battle, it will also take up some of the events of chapter 134. Moreover, there’s more battle is coming for fans of witness between Armored Titan and the Beast Titan. Here’s a little look into the upcoming action in the series.

Eren Is Going To Challenge The Team With All The More Powers This Time!

With the whole thing all set in motion, the main chapter will be arriving right on time, and the much-awaited battle will be happening before the anime series draws its curtain for one last time! The newest chapter is reportedly going to be out on 9th December. So, the wait is finally going to be over as the anime series is going to be arriving soon with chapter 135.

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