Blue Bloods Season 11 Episode 1(Synopsis): Frank Finds Himself in the Midst of Growing Police Brutality Protests

One of the popular police procedural drama, Blue Bloods has been renewed for the eleventh season. CBS renewed the crime drama back in March 2020, and the production crew returned fro filming in September. Like usual, the new season wouldn’t debut in September, because the network had to suspended production due to the coronavirus pandemic in the US. The new season will debut on CBS on December 4, 2020.

Blue Bloods usually aired 22 episodes every season but had to reduce to 19 for the tenth season due to the COVID-19 situation. The nineteenth episode served as the season 10 finale and the new season will pick right from the finale episode. The finale episode titled Family Secrets revealed a new character, Frank’s long lost grandson. Frank Raegan discovered that his son Joe Raegan had a son that neither he nor his son knew about.

Frank knew about the existence of his grandson through a woman named Paula Hill.

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The woman wanted her son, Joe Hill to get transferred into a safer unit in the department. Paula reveals to Frank that she and his son, Joe had a fling when during their young age. She never told Joe about their child and also about his father to the child. But, Frank realises that the younger Joe wanted to work in the firearm unit as a detective and is enjoying the work.

Paula later concludes that Frank won’t be transferring young Joe, and in anger, she asks him not to contact them ever again. Also, in the finale episode, Eddie considers having a child with Jamie after witnessing a situation with a mother and a baby. The upcoming first episode of the 11th season will include the fresh topics like police brutality while continuing from the tenth season finale episode.

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Triumph Over Trauma, the new episode will debut on CBS at 10/9c on December 4. In the episode, Frank will be going head-to-head with Regina Thomas, the City Council Speaker following the police brutality protests. Elsewhere, Jamie is working to find Danny and Baez with his nephew Joe Hill. Danny and Baez are missing when they were searching for a killer.

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