The Boys Season 3: Aya Cash aka Stormfront is Not Dead, According to This Reddit Theory

The Boys recently dropped the second season and in Billy Butcher fashion — it was diabolical. We had few major death in the second season of the show including the newcomer superhero, Stormfront. Aya Cash’s Stormfront was the most important addition to the cast in Season 2, but at the end, she took a major loss. Homelander’s son, Ryan charred her body horribly with his laser eyes.

In the Boys comics, created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Stormfront wasn’t a female character. In fact, Stormfront was a male Nazi super hero who led the group Payback. His power and Aya Cash’s Stormfront power is on the same level and sometimes compared with the Homelander, as well. Stormfront was the first subject to receive compound V. In the live-action series, Stormfront is still the white-supremacist superhero and raging NAzi, but she is also the wife of Frederick Vought.

Stormfront previously assumed her superhero identity as Liberty, and later joined The Seven as Stormfront. After joining The Seven, she began to influence the work culture and quickly garners popularity — even more than Homelander. Homelander initially gets jealous of her and tries to throw her away, but when she helps him in regaining popularity, they enter a sexual relationship. In the finale episode, when Stormfront’s Nazi past is revealed, she rushes where The Boys were located to wipe out them.

When Stormfront gains upper hand against the boys and Starlight, Queen Maeve pops up and brutally assault Stormfront. Stormfront somehow manages to escape away from their attack and confront Ryan, Butcher, and Becca. After Stormfront attacks Becca, Ryan wakes his lasers and cripples her and subsequently killing his mother. Later, Homelander addresses a press conference and blames everything to Stormfront, clearing The Boys.

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How is Stormfront Alive?

Stormfront fate is still unknown, as she wasn’t shown later in the episode after getting her legs charred by Ryan. Homelander did mention in a press conference that they are taking her to some secure location. However, Vought and The Seven are famous for making up false excuses and fabricating the real story. In fact, there is a possibility that Stormfront is alive and well in one of their laboratories. The Boys’ showrunner Eric Kripke, reportedly mentioned that Stormfront is alive.

The first episode of the third season is titled Payback, which is the team of superhero that Stormfront leads. So, Stormfront’s story is not fully completed yet, at least for Season 3.


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