Samsung Galaxy Buds With ANC, Improved Ambient Mode May Inaugurate Alongside Galaxy S21 Series

Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy Buds TWS earbuds will reportedly launch alongside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series. The South Korean tech giant has been introducing new earbuds with its flagship Galaxy S Series for a few years now, and next year could be no different. These next-gen earbuds are designed to support Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and feature in-ear designs such as the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds +. Samsung recently introduced Galaxy Buds Live in August this year.

Sammobile reports that new Galaxy Buds are launching next year with the Galaxy S21 series. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series has been launched this time in January. The official name of the upcoming earbuds has not yet been announced, but other details about the features and design have been leaked. For example, the predecessors of the next-gen Galaxy Buds earbuds are expected to have similar ear designs to the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds +.

The Galaxy Buds TWS earbuds are expected to come with better sound quality. It is expected to be an improved ambient mode that will allow external noise to enter the earbuds when you prefer to sync with your surroundings. Previous generation earbuds also had this mode, but the upcoming Galaxy Buds TWS earbuds are expected to improve this feature.

Upcoming earbuds may also feature ANC and the report claimed that it will be the first Samsung in-ear earbud to integrate it. The recently introduced Samsung Galaxy Buds Live also features ANC and they were the first true wireless earphones from the brand to feature it. The Galaxy Buds Live features a unique bean-shaped design that sits on the outer frame of the ear.

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As mentioned, there is no clarity on what these new earbuds can be called, but the report in the previous title hints at a possible title for the Samsung Galaxy Beyond. The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is expected to launch on 14 January with pre-orders starting on the same day. 


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