Jason Statham & The Rock Returning with Hobbs and Shaw 2: Production & Release Date Updates

There are not many things we know for sure in this domain of entropy, however, there are in any event two strong realities that can be affirmed: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues developing more muscles, and Jason Statham’s facial hair stubble gets coarser and manlier each time he punches a baddie in the face. Additionally confirmed: Their fruitful side project in the Fast and Furious franchise, Hobbs and Shaw, will be getting a spin-off, as The Rock clarified in a Q&A on Instagram, using Screen Rant. Meaning Hobbs and Shaw 2 is definitely Happening, That’s for sure.

How long until we get Hobbs and Shaw 2?

There has been discussion of a spin-off for a long while now, yet full affirmation wasn’t made until ongoing months. Knowing when it will come out, however, is a mind-boggling matter in the period of COVID-19. Likewise in the blend, the extent that planning is the way that The Rock is an amazingly bustling man:

Jason Statham & The Rock Returning with Hobbs and Shaw 2: Production & Release Date Updates

He’s as of now preparing to venture into the DC universe as Black Adam, and will additionally be in another Jumanji film. In this way, with regards to Hobbs and Shaw, a ton of components will without a doubt need to work around the hotshot’s timetable.

All things considered, the brilliant move would likewise be to substitute yearly delivery dates of F&F portions with H&S continuations. With the delivery date for Fast and Furious 9 set for 2021, we probably won’t get another portion of Statham and The Rock until 2022.

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Who will be back in Hobbs and Shaw 2?

There might be jetpacks and superhuman gymnastics just as hyper-savvy baddies pouring vehicles down on the city roads, yet we should not fail to remember the focal subject of the Fast and Furious establishment. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: family. The entire trial resembles a Thanksgiving supper in the recreation center, while your alcoholic uncle does doughnuts around the table in a red 1982 Camaro.

Jason Statham & The Rock Returning with Hobbs and Shaw 2: Production & Release Date Updates

The spin-off would, obviously, not be occurring without both The Rock and Jason Statham connected, so you can include them. Even though no official declarations have been made, besides the two stars, the center individuals have all communicated their craving to return ready, including Vanessa Kirby — and even Idris Elba, who revealed to Digital Spy he’d prefer to see his character’s birthplace story portrayed.

In the interim, even there has (once more) been no official word, we can anticipate that Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart should show up since the two had appearances in the principal Hobbs and Shaw that were some way or another left hidden until the delivery.

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