Where is Xur? What is Xur Selling This Week, Xur Location, Weapons, Collectibles, Exotics Items, and More [27.11.2020]

It is safe to say that all the Destiny 2 fans have been waiting for Friday all week long. Why won’t they? Like always, the fan-favourite agent of Nine, Xur showed up at the game with various exotic items. Players can hop onto the game, go to the place where Xur showed and exchange exotic items like weapons and armours.

Every week Xur appears on any place across the game’s four worlds. He arrives every Friday at 12 PM EST.

Where is Xur and What is the Agent of Nine selling this week?

Xur never appears at the same place in two consecutive weeks. So, if you knew where he appeared last week and if you are planning to head there, don’t. Xur’s location changes every week and this week, he is hanging near the Tower in The Hangar. The Hangar is one of the popular public sectors in the game, so it may not be troublesome to reach the place. Both experienced and new Destiny players like to check what Xur has to offer.

If you are an experienced player, you may have already received the items brought by Xur through missions and challenges. But, if you are a new player, you don’t need to complete missions to equip some of the finest weapons in Destiny 2. However, these exotic items brought by the agent of Nine aren’t for free. You have to exchange these exotic weapons and armours with Legendary Shards. So, it is always a good idea to collect enough Legendary Shards before meeting Xur.

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There are no exotic helmets or armours available for exchange this week. Xur has arrived with a weapon and three different kinds of gauntlets.  The list of exotic items available for exchange this week are:

Skyburners Oath (Exotic Scout Rifle)

Aeon Swift (Exotic Hunter Gauntlets)

Synthoceps (Exotic Titan Gauntlets)

Karnstein Armlets (Exotic Warlock Gauntlets)

Xur previously exchanged these items with Special Coins in Destiny but has been exchanging with Legendary Shards since Destiny 2. When Xur shows up at every Friday, he stays around the same place until the next weekly reset, which is scheduled on every Tuesday.

So, make sure to pay Xur a visit before December 1, 2020, 12 PM EST.


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