New Technology Enables Cameras to Capture Colors Invisible to the Human Eye

New analysis from Tel Aviv University can enable cameras to acknowledge colours that the human eye and even standard cameras area unit unable to understand.

The technology makes it potential to image gases and substances like atomic number 1, carbon and metallic element, every of that features a distinctive change the spectrum, moreover as biological compounds that area unit found in nature however area unit “invisible” to the optic or standard cameras. it’s groundbreaking applications in a very form of fields from laptop diversion and photography moreover because the disciplines of security, medicine, and physical science.

The analysis was conducted by Dr. archangel Mrejen, Yoni Erlich, Dr. Assaf Levanon and professor. Haim Suchowski of TAU’s Department of Physics of Condensed Material. The results of the study were revealed within the Oct 2020 issue of optical maser & Photonics Reviews.

“The human eye picks up photons at wavelengths between four hundred nanometers and 700 nanometers — between the wavelengths of blue and red,” explains Dr. Mrejen. “But that’s solely a small a part of the spectrum,that conjointly includes radio waves, microwaves, X-rays and a lot of. Below four hundred nanometers there’s ultraviolet or ultraviolet illumination radiation, and on top of 700 nanometers there’s infrared, that itself is split into near-, mid- and far-infrared.

“In every of those components of the spectrum, there’s an excellent deal of knowledge on materials encoded as ‘colors’ that has heretofore been hidden from read.”

The researchers make a case for that colours in these components of the spectrum area unit of nice importance, since several materials have a singular signature expressed as a color, particularly within the mid-infrared vary. as an example, cancer cells may well be simply detected as they need a better concentration of molecules of an explicit kind.

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Existing infrared detection technologies area unit overpriced and principally unable to render those “colors.” In medical imaging, experiments are performed within which infrared pictures area unit born-again into actinic ray to spot the cancer cells by the molecules. To date, this conversion needed terribly subtle and overpriced cameras, that weren’t essentially accessible for general use.

But in their study, letter of the alphabet researchers were able to develop low-cost and economical technology that might mount on a typical camera and permits, for the primary time, the conversion of photons of sunshine from the whole mid-infrared region to the visible region, at frequencies that the human eye and also the commonplace camera will obtain.

“We humans will see between red and blue. If we have a tendency to might see within the infrared realm, we might see that parts like atomic number 1, carbon and metallic element have a singular color,” explains professor. Suchowski. “So associate environmental observance satellite might ‘see’ a waste material being emitted from a plant, or a artificial satellite would see wherever explosives or atomic number 92 area unit being hidden. additionally, since each object emits heat within the infrared, all this info may well be seen even in the dead of night.”

After registering a patent for his or her invention, the researchers area unit developing the technology through a grant from the Innovation Authority’s KAMIN project, and that they have already met with variety of each Israel-based and international firms.

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