PUBG Mobile Season 16 is LIVE NOW! A New Royale Pass With NEW Rewards, Skins, Outfits, and Weapons

PUBG Mobile Season 16 has begun. The new season means new Royale Pass, new skins, new outfits, new theme, and many more new. Since the game’s official release, the game has become a major player in the mobile gaming community and is immensely popular. Millions of players enjoy the free-to-play battle royale game and compete against each other.

Every PUBG player excitingly awaits for the new season to commence so that they can collect new skins and rewards. As always, the sixteenth season debuted with a new royal pass that features various rewards. A player can start building their Royale Pass, level up, and unlock various skins, costumes, outfits, and collect rewards.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 is officially LIVE

A new season always brings joy to the millions of players worldwide. This serves as a new challenge to all the players to evolve into their gaming experience. The current ranks of the players have been automatically reset, which means they again have to work through to reach higher in rankings. They have to complete new challenges and a daily challenge to move higher in tiers and unlock new skins and rewards.

Royale Pass Price

However, Royale Pass isn’t available for free, as you have to spend some bucks to get them. Like always, there are two variants of the season pass — the Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus. These passes have different price ranges, the Elite Pass is available for 600 UC while the Elite Pass Plus will cost 1800 UC.

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PUBG Mobile Season 16 Maps, Rewards, Skins, Updates

PUBG Corp has already announced that the new season will feature a change in gameplay. There would be two unique maps withing Erangel to explore during the new season. The company also announced that they will include a new underground world, which features a railcar vehicle.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 will also feature two types of enemies — the cunning bandits and the special monsters from the Metro series. There are also various new gears that will ease up the players’ gameplay like new Thermal Sight, Night Vision and New Tikhar Rifle.

The new outfits and weapons that are up for the grabs in the royal pass are Anna Outfit B, Angry Chicken Helmet, Metal Medley – Crowbar, Cyber Enforcer Set and Venomous Skull, Punk Rhino Backpack, and many more. Since the tier rankings have been reset, a player can again climb through the tiers and grab various items and rewards.




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