Among Us Hack 2020: All the Info New Hacks, Now CREWMATES Can Vent Like An Impostor.

Among Us has been insanely popular in recent times. Millions of players play the game daily and enjoy a significant amount of time playing the game. Several gamers stream the game on their channel across the various platforms like Twitch and YouTube. However, the game is not a new one as it goes back two years. InnerSloth released the game back in 2018, but it failed to attract mainstream attention. Thanks to a few gaming streamers, the game has incredibly become one of the most played games today. Now, the players have started using Among Us hack to remain victorious and so cool stuff while playing the game.

Among US Gameplay

The gameplay of this popular social deduction game is pretty simple. The players board the spaceship as either crewmates or imposters. However, no one knows that the other player is either a crewmate or an imposter. The crewmates have to perform the task and complete all the given task while the imposter blends as crewmate sabotage the ship and kill the cremate. Now, the crewmates have to identify the imposter through voting.

If the crewmates successfully identify the imposter, then they will win, else if the number of imposter and crewmates remain equal, then the imposter wins. Also, a failure to control the sabotage results in imposter’s win. A maximum of 10 players plays at any of the three given maps, in which up to 3 players becomes the imposter and rest as a crewmate.

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Among Us Hacks

Since the game has become extremely popular, the ways of cheating also have been popular. There are dozens of ways to cheat while playing the game. The players discover several types of Among Us hacks and then uses while playing the game. It is up to the game’s algorithm to decide who will be the imposter, and a player cannot decide by his will. This makes the game frustrating, as many people prefer to be an imposter. This is where the Among Us hacks comes in.

With the Among Us hack, a player can become imposter at any time he wishes, and he can kill the crewmates from far away and move faster than any other crewmates. Among Us has a kill cooldown feature that prevents an imposter from killing another crewmate right after killing the first one. The kill cooldown is never zero, but if you use the hack, then there will be no-kill cool down. Here is the list of most commonly used Among Us hacks:

Always Imposter

With this hack, a player can become the imposter every time he plays the game if you enjoy being imposter — who doesn’t — then this hack will help you to become imposter and kill all your crewmates.

No Kill Cool Down

Becoming imposter is cool but, with the kill cool down, you may not kill crewmates at the right time. For example, if someone sees you killing then, he might report you or vote you out, and you can’t kill him right away due to the kill-cooldown. With this Among Us hack, you can kill the crewmates without worrying about being seen, or even wipe out all the crewmates at one go.

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Unlock Pets and Skin

Among Us offers various kinds of skins and pets, which you can use while playing the game. However, there’s a catch — you have to spend some bucks for these skins and pets. But, don’t you worry, with the Among Us hack, you can easily unlock all the skins and pets and play with them.

Block Ads

If you are playing in your mobile device, then an ad pops up after every game, and it isn’t delightful. You can easily block all the ads with the help of the hack. Now, you can only enjoy the game without getting disturbed with the annoying ads.

These are the popular hacks, but gamers are always looking for new types of hacks these days. A Reddit user recently discovered a hack, in which a crewmate was using the vent. Only an imposter can use vent to escape away after killing someone. Other small hacks are used as well, and an imposter can lock the doors of some part for an entire game, prohibiting the crewmates from completing all the task.

How to use Among Us Hacks.

Using hacks while playing certainly ruins the main theme of the game. But at the same time, you can’t stay away from using the hacks. You can use the MOD apk available online or Among Us hack scripts for PC. Several online sites are providing the MOD APK, which contains almost every hack mentioned above.

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