WhatsApp’s New Mute Forever Feature!

WhatsApp recently introduced a new feature that lets you mute a chat forever and it is available on both android and IOs.  The new ‘Always’ mute option that would allow you to mute the notifications of a WhatsApp chat or a group forever. Earlier the messaging platform used to provide three mute options – 8 Hours, 1 Week and 1 Year, but now instead of a year, you can mute a chat permanently. This feature is available for everyone on both Android and iOS devices as well as the web version. 

This would be a welcome addition for WhatsApp users, at least in our book. I mute notifications from every group due to the sheer number of messages stemming from them, but the “one year” option felt like a band-aid rather than a permanent solution. After all, I have to mute those groups all over again in 365 days. The only other option right now is to simply leave those groups — not ideal for the likes of family chats and work groups.

There’s no word on an exact timeline for this tweak to roll out to WhatsApp users at large, and the latest beta doesn’t seem to offer it yet. But we’ll update the article as soon as the change is pushed out to devices. Moreover, another feature was introduced as well, that allows WhatsApp Business users to sell products directly from the platform. The feature will allow purchases to be made directly from a WhatsApp chat with a business. The company will also provide hosting services to small businesses through Facebook’s partners in the country.

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