Love and Monsters Ending Explained, Possible Sequel Updates

Finally, Love and Monsters has ended on a satisfactory note. But there is still scope for sequels.

The world in Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters, directed by Michael Matthews, is set in a world where the radiation from a annihilated asteroid caused animals to transform into dangerous monsters. In such a dangerous and terrifying place, where monsters roam freely, humans have taken refugee underground. However, the battles between the humans and the monstrous creatures has destroyed almost 95 % of the human population. So there aren’t many humans left.

The plot of the movie

Joel Dawson, played by Dylan O’ Brien, is one of those lucky humans to be alive. He has a special yet bad habit. And that is freezing at the slightest hint of danger. So, he decides to flee to be with his high school girlfriend Aimee. Aimee is portrayed by Jessica Henwick.

And Aimee lives in another colony which is 80 miles away. The members of his makeshift society think he cannot make it till the other colony. Well, given Joel’s habit of freezing up at bad situations, they are not in the wrong to think like that.

Finally, with the help of a loyal dog, a talking robot, and two fellow survivors, Joel finally unites with Aimee. He develops a lot throughout the movie. And he learns many things too.

The theories for the sequel

Coming to why would there be a sequel, well the most obvious reason would be to continue the plot of the first movie. The movie is mostly centred around Joel’s and his interactions with Aimee. So there could be a part two of the movie. It is not wrong to hope!

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One more theory is that the next movie can be a prequel too. It would feature how humans lost the war against those horrifying monsters.

However, Love and Monsters fell short on the humour part. The funniest bits merely make us smile or chuckle. Additionally, it has compared to Zombieland as it is similar to the latter in many aspects. And as mentioned before, it is not as funny as Zombieland is.

The next theory is that there could be a whole new colony. And it might feature a completely new protagonist with Joel just playing the supporting role.

Love and Monsters received mixed reviews. And O’ Brien got many applauds for his action. So there is a hope for the second instalment of the movie.


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