Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Cameo Rumored in Doctor Strange 2

It seems that actors who play movies with comic book adaptations never leave the roles, right?

It is the same case with Hugh Jackman. He just cannot help but bring up Wolverine on every interview he gives. On the other hand, it seems that Christian Bale only agreed for Thor: Love and Thunder is so that people might finally stop asking him about Batman.

Hugh Jackman to grace us with a surprising cameo in Doctor Strange 2

A few sources report that Hugh Jackman might show up as a cameo in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Given that he is constantly associated to the sequel of the Sorcerer’s Supreme, the ‘surprising cameo’ is not so surprising.

Till now, Jackman has refused to the MCU. One of the key reasons for that is he does not want to invalidate the emotional influence of Logan. Nevertheless, Marvel can still play the Multiverse card.

If the Australian actor really does show up in the next Doctor Strange movie, it must be a version of Wolverine. At least we might get a chance to see him in his Wolverine role one last time.

Best time for Hugh to make his dashing entry

And Marvel too is offering Hugh a hefty amount for him to take up the role. However, if there are recurring appearances… you are more than welcome.

Similar to Avengers: End Game where it involved a trip down the timeline, the Doctor Strange 2 movie too shall make a journey down the multiverse.

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In case if Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sorcerer’s Supreme is making his way through other dimensions, this is the perfect timing for Hugh to make his entry.

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