Titans Season 3: Jason Todd as Red Hood First Look Revealed

Titans Season 3 which shall debut on HBO Max, unveiled the character of Jason Todd’s Red Hood.

Played by Curran Walters, Jason was present in the first two seasons as Robin. He took on the role of the world’s famous sidekick after Robin, Dick Grayson and left Batman behind.

Designer Laura Jean did a great job with the super suit

The superhero series revealed the first look of Jason Todd’s Red Hood super suit on Monday. The credits for creating the masterpiece go to the designer Laura Jean (LJ) Shannon. And the suit honours the look as shown in the DC comics. It uses the logo like the comics. The picture shows a brown jacket, a red helmet, black suit, and handguns. And all of them put together look exactly the same as depicted in the comics. Even the layering beneath the leather jacket is also similar. Well, Laura Jean surely and truly did justice to the outfit.

As per the comics, Jason takes on the character of the Red Hood after being killed by Joker and is resurrected back. To take revenge on Batman, Jason returns to Gotham. The reason for this is Jason feels that Batman must have avenged him by killing Joker.

However, in Titan’s storyline it is very unlikely that this is going to happen. Moreover, Batman has not played a major role in Jason’s life till now.

However, sources say that Jason will go after the Titans, the former teammates.

After it was disclosed that Dick lied to them about the truth of Jericho’s death, Jason leaves the Titans. Later, he partnered with Rose Wilson. But that did not turn out well either. It was revealed that she had been working with her dad Deathstroke. Deathstroke tried to finish off Jason by abducting him and blowing him off a building.

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No one knows whether Jason will die or the occurrences in season two have stirred him to take up the Red Hood mantle. Since Joker worked with the Red Hood gang, we might even see Joker. The release date of the third season has not been confirmed yet.


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