MetalGreymon Get New Form Digimon Adventure Episode 21

Digimon’s new Adventure’s new series has been exploring some major new territory, and the series continues to surprise by giving MetalGreymon a huge and surprising upgrade in the newest episode. The fights in the new series have been far more intense than fans of the more relaxed original series could have expected, and this meant that each of the Digimon reached their Ultimate levels before the 20th episode. But even while they each grew in power, it was clear that even this wasn’t enough as now even tougher opponents are pushing Tai and the other DigiDestined to new heights.

“New” is definitely carrying a lot of weight here as the newest episode saw MetalGreymon take on a form that was never in the original series. While there was an expectation to see Agumon’s Mega form in a short time due to how fast the other evolutions happened, Episode 21 of the series threw us all for a loop when it gave MetalGreymon a powerful upgrade instead as it becomes MetalGrweymon: Alteros Mode.

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