Snapchat’s most beloved and iconic hotdog is back for Election day

The Election Day is almost upon us, right? So, Snapchat brought back one of its beloved characters the dancing hotdog, to encourage the users to vote.

Users first noticed the hotdog in the filter reels on Saturday for the Vote Early Day. However, after the holiday was finished, it vanished. Nevertheless, the hotdog is all set to be back on November 3rd, i.e. the Election day.

Apparently, it shall dress in an Uncle-Sam style twirling a sign board on users to find out their voting location. Just click on the sign. That’s it, you will be linked to the Before You Vote tool by Snapchat. This will aid the users to find their voting locations and also know about the issues and candidates on the ballots.

Additionally, Snapchat shall also roll out a new “I Voted” sticker which also links to the app’s voting plan tool.

Back in September, the company rolled out many features related to voting. For example, a feature is available where the user can register to vote directly in the app. According to Snapchat, it has helped around 1.24 million users with voter registration. Compared to this, Facebook achieved a number of 2.5 million.

Snapchat is more popular among Gen-Z than Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram put together

However, Snapchat is very popular among Gen-Z and millennial voters. So, it has more reach to 13-24 year old users than Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram combined. According to an analysis, out of the 100 % Snapchat users, 80 % are eligible to cast their vote.

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Apart from the voting tools, Snapchat also plans to introduce voting news in its Discover page. The “Happening Now” news section of Snapchat will contain constant news updates from famous partners like Bloomberg, Reuters, and BuzzFeed News.

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